Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) from IIM Rohtak - EPGDM Course

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Programme Overview

The Programme at IIM Rohtak is uniquely structured to provide high quality management education to practicing executives with minimal disruptions at their work place. This programme is for experienced executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, who desire to enhance their managerial knowledge and skills through formal management education. The programme is structured to ensure high standards and rigour expected from the brand IIM for its Post Graduate Programmes.

The ePGP for working executives at IIM Rohtak is designed to have both on and off campus modules. While the off-campus distance module will form the mainstay of the programme, the on-campus module of 4 weeks in 2-year programme or 2 weeks in 1-year programme, 1 week each in each of the Terms of the year, is designed to give the participants the experience of the residential programmes of the Institute and a sense of belongingness to IIM Rohtak as both students and alumni later.

The programme is designed to cater to the requirements of a cross-section of industry, enabling participants to share their rich and diverse experiences among themselves in addition to having the classroom learning. The interactive and collaborative learning environment, that this programme and the Institute offer, provides a stimulating platform to the executives having different functional domain backgrounds and ensures the maximum return on their time and resources invested.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree** or its equivalent in any discipline with Aggregate 50% mark or equivalent CGPA. Those with CA/ICWAI/CS are also eligible to apply.
  • Applicant should possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in managerially relevant executive positions (experience in positions such as attendant, clerk, accountant etc. (self-employed positions or in tiny/small family-owned enterprises will not be considered).


Candidates will be selected through a multi-stage process. Those who meet the eligibility requirements may be required, if the Institute decides so, to appear for a written test and those scoring above the specified cut-offs may be shortlisted for an interview over video or teleconferencing or physical mode. Those who meet the minimum specified performance standard in the interview will be offered admission based on their overall ranking. Ranking may be based on multiple factors including the academic performance and relevant work experience, in addition to the test and interview scores.

Offer of Admission

Selected candidates will be given admission offer by the programme office subject to specific terms and conditions as mentioned in the offer letter as well as those notified in advance.
Those who accepted the offer will be given intimation about the joining date and the commencement of the Programme. Candidates will be required to remit the Term I fees as per payment schedule. After remitting the Term I fees if a candidate fails to register for the on-campus module, the Term I fees will be forfeited. However, if the candidate duly (in writing) requests the Institute well before the commencement of the on-campus module and if the Institute permits the same in writing, specified percentage of fees paid may be refunded.

Pedagogy & Assessment

IIM Rohtak believes in the judicious blend of different teaching methods. Pedagogy comprises of case studies, exercises, lectures, classroom discussion, simulation, project/field work, online quizzes and tutorial sessions. The actual pedagogy of a specific course will be dependent on the nature of the course. There will also be a blend of faculty delivering the courses. In addition to experienced in-house faculty, top and senior corporate executives, faculty from other leading institutions in India including other IIMs, faculty from any partner institutions abroad, and other resources available may be invited as guest faculty.

Class Schedule

Classes on the distance learning platform are generally of 3 hours duration per day. The classes through the platform may be held tentatively on the following days and time (the final date and time will be decided in consultation with the technology platform partner and announced before the commencement of the Programme).
One of the week days: 3 hours starting at or after 6.30 pm
Saturdays: 3 hours starting at or after 3.30 pm
Sundays: 3-4½ hours starting at or after 12.00 noon
A detailed day-wise schedule will be circulated to the students at the beginning of each Term.

Programme Structure and Curriculum

In the first-year of the programme, a participant has to undergo 420 hours of instruction of which about 80 hours will be on-campus, with two visits of one week each in each Term (Semester) to IIM Rohtak campus and the remaining about 340 hours will be on an interactive learning platform. If the student joins for the second year after completing year 1 or later, a participant has to choose either 2 Major specializations from among Financial Management, Marketing and Strategic Management or one Major specialization from those three areas and 2 Minor specializations from among Human Resource Management, IT Systems, and Operations. The students will have to undergo all the prescribed courses from the selected areas of specialization, with a limited option for choosing electives of one’s preference.

The contact hours in the Second year will be 420 hours, of which nearly 80 hours spread over two weeks,
one week each in each Term, will be on-campus at IIM Rohtak and the remaining 340 hours will be on
the interactive learning mode

Academic Evaluation

Term-end Exams: 60-70%; Continuous Assessment: 30-40%
Continuous Assessment includes course projects, assignments, quizzes, case analysis, exercises, class participation, attendance (if desired by the instructor), and any other component as decided by the instructor. Within this broad framework, instructors will be free to select specific components and assign relative weights as per their assessment. However, instructors will formally announce the evaluation scheme at the beginning of the course (in the first session and/or through course outline distributed) as per the requirements of the course and preferred methods of instruction.

Application Process

Who can apply/Eligibility:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree** or its equivalent in any discipline with Aggregate 50% mark or equivalent CGPA. Those with CA/ICWAI/CS are also eligible to apply.
  • 3 years of managerial/ entrepreneurial/ professional experience after graduation.

Admission & Selection:

  • Admission is based on the educational qualifications, work experience, performance in the EMAT entrance test & personal interview.

Application Fee:

  • INR 2200/- per application

Course Fee:

  • Indian Rupees Rs 6, 02,200/- payable in four installments.
  • Fees is to be paid in four equal installments at the beginning of each semester
    • 1st Installment: INR 1,50,650/- (to be paid on joining - 5th September 2016)
    • 2nd Installment: INR 1,50,650/- (to be informed)
    • 3rd Installment: INR 1,50,650/- (to be informed)
    • 4th Installment: INR 1,50,650/- (to be informed)

Duration of the Programme: 

  • Two Years

Class Timings

One of the week days: 3 hours starting at or after 6.30 pm
Saturdays: 3 hours starting at or after 3.30 pm
Sundays: 3-4½ hours starting at or after 12.00 noon
A detailed day-wise schedule will be circulated to the students at the beginning of each Term.

Important Dates

Last date for receipt of Applications at IIM Rohtak: 22nd August 2016
Aptitude Test: 28th August 2016
Last date of Interview: 4th September 2016
Declaration of the list of eligible candidates: 8th September 2016
First Installment of Fees (Last Date): 26th September 2016
Induction/Orientation to the Programme & 1st In-Campus Module: 17th-22nd October 2016


1. How do the career programmes of IIM Rohtak viz; PGP and ePGP programmes compare?

The PGP is offered as a two-year full time residential programme and is targeted at graduates having good academic background with or without experience. The programme helps participants develop knowledge, skills and capabilities so as to advance their careers and to enter the middle level management positions.
ePGP is offered as a two year nonresidential executive programme for working executives in their mid-career or senior executive positions with significant work experience. The programme is offered on a technology platform through dedicated class rooms at various metros/ other cities in India. The learning experience is enriched by diverse participant profile coupled with a technology enabled class room discussions and interactions

2. What is the name of qualification granted by all these programme:

a. PGP : PGDM,
b. ePGP : ePGDM/ePGCM (1st year of ePGP)

3. What will be the title of final certificate issued on successful completion of the Programme?

The certificate will be titled “Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management” ( ePGDM) for
completing two years Programme

The certificate will be titled “Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Management” ( ePGCM)
for completing one year Programme

4. How is the ePGP different?

ePGP is offered through a satellite technology enabled interactive class room. ePGP classes could be attended through interactive technology enabled class room sessions near to their location at different cities across India.

5. Where are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted via Satellite Studio at IIM Rohtak to country wide located ‘Hughes’ remote classrooms.

6. What are the cohorts available in ePGP?

One of the week days: 3 hours starting at or after 6.30 pm
Saturdays: 3 hours starting at or after 3.30 pm
Sundays: 3-4½ hours starting at or after 12.00 noon
A detailed day-wise schedule will be circulated to the students at the beginning of each Term.

7. Are there accommodation facilities available at IIM Rohtak Campus?

IIM Rohtak is currently functioning from a transit location of MD University Rohtak where accommodation facility is not available. There are a few hotels available in the Rohtak city where the participant could get an accommodation. The same have to be arranged by the participants.

8. Does the program provide the participant with flexibility to take a break for work-related travel/stay outside the city/country or unforeseen emergencies?

A student can also take a break or temporarily withdraw from the Programme at any point of time by giving an appropriate request to the Institute (but only after getting a written permission from the Institute); in this case, while the fees paid by the student till then shall be forfeited, the student can re-join the Programme within the next 3 academic years by paying full fees applicable at the time of re-joining.

9. What are the requirements relating to class attendance?

There is a minimum attendance criterion of 80% for each course. In case a participant misses out any of the class sessions and under exception circumstances, participants are allowed to attend the class session with other batch subject to instructor approval, but no attendance will be marked for the same.

10. Does the program provide the participant with an opportunity to acquire international exposure?

As it stands now, there is no international exchange programme integrated into this programme.

11. Is there a placement assistance on successful completion of the programme ?

ePGP is meant for those executives in their middle / senior leadership positions wishing to augment their management expertise and leadership abilities. The programme is supposed to help working executives in their current work roles and career progression paths. Hence a formal placement assistance scheme is not part of this programme.

12. What are the specializations offered and how are they allotted?

The first year will comprise of compulsory courses only. In the second year there will be one compulsory course / project in each quarter. Other courses have to be opted by the participant from a bouquet of elective courses offered across various functional areas like Marketing, Finance, HRM, Operations Management, Economics, Strategy and Humanities and Information Systems. This will be done usually towards the end of the first year.

13. Is this Programme considered equivalent to MBA?

In India an MBA is usually granted by universities which administer a course curriculum through affiliated colleges, institution or otherwise and issue a certificate on passing the stipulated examination as per the curriculum. IIM’s and IIT’s are premier autonomous institutions of excellence established by the Government of India. They will design and deliver high end programmes for participants selected through a rigorous process. The content and coverage of such courses may exceed the typical curriculum of a university MBA. A post
graduate diploma will be issued on successful completion of the two year course. Further, If later IIM Rohtak is permitted to award a degree in lieu of a diploma, the Institute will be awarding an eMBA in place of the ePGDM. In this case, the ePGCM framework will remain the same.

14. Is it possible to apply for Ph.D after successful completion of the Programme ?

The eligibility norms for Ph.D are decided by respective universities and may vary. There may be Universities/Institutions that consider executive Post Graduate Diploma as eligibility to apply for PhD.

15. Will the participant be given the Alumni status on successful completion of the Programme ?

The participants are considered bonafide students of IIM Rohtak and will enjoy similar privileges including alumni status.