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Students Facilities

Onyx Education offers numerous facilities to students. Right from counselling to help in applying for the desired course Onyx Education provides help and guidance to students. The student can attend the classes at a centre of his/her choice throughout the country from among the over 150 Hughes Centres. In case the student is travelling, the centre facilitates his attendance to the class by arranging for advanced booking of his classes at a nearby centre where he can attend the lecture. 

Onyx Education provides a conducive learning atmosphere for students in a secure virtual classroom which is air-conditioned. The centre provides a comfortable seating arrangement, access to a personal computer, through which the student attends the lecture by logging into the satellite-based onsite learning system. State-of-the-art audio and video equipment are made available to each student to enhance interactivity through the use of most modern tools including cameras, microphones, and headphones. The technology in use is the best available today and the high quality audio and video files are uploaded and downloaded in real-time. Students can call the professor to ask questions or clarify their doubts or engage in text chat if they want to put a message across or raise hand in affirmation to a query.

The CAL intimates the study schedule to all students regularly and much in advance so that students can make arrangements for campus visits. 

The student can ask for the complete audio-video recording of an earlier session in case they are absent with after being granted an approval from the Institute. This is a restricted facility and the recording can be viewed only at the centre.

The centre also facilitates bank loans for students up to 100 per cent coverage of expenses through leading banks. The loan, however, is available after bank procedures and discretion and requires to be repaid in time before the completion certificate for the course can be issued.